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Landscaping/Lawn Care

Premier Landscaping is a full service landscaping company that offers lawn care services for residential and commercial properties.

The key to a successful landscape is planning – and planning your landscape project with a solid design is essential, whether you want to re-imagine your current landscape or are starting with with bare soil, we can provide services to finish an entire landscape project or work in stages, Premier can cover all aspects of your landscaping project.

Our experienced staff follows the highest standards for landscape installation and maintenance, giving your property the special care which you demand. We work with each client on an individual basis, making sure to take into account your property’s existing elements along with the environmental conditions and melding those with how you plan to use your property and your budget considerations.

  • Mowing & Lawn Care
    All lawn and grass areas will be meticulously maintained and evenly. The frequency of the mowing services will depend on your specific needs.
  • Grass Trimming
    With each mowing your landscape, tree-area, shall be trimmed to match the even cut level of mowed grass areas.
  • Edging
    With each mowing, all walkways, paved areas and landscape perimeters will be edged.
  • Tree & Hedge Trimming
    The even contours of all shrubs, hedges and bushes shall be maintained throughout the year.
  • Landscape Beds
    Particular attention will be given to the landscape beds. These areas will be maintained and kept free of weeds, utilizing both mechanical and chemical methods.
  • Clean Up
    All grass, tree, shrub, and miscellaneous debris resulting from our services will be removed from the premises. Walkways and driveways will be cleaned of grass clippings and or debris.
  • Pest Control
    Home lawns are commonly infested with bugs, weeds, diseases and other pests which can cause damage to grass. Premier will implement effective pest control programs based on your lawns needs. Quality pest control service will ensure your lawn stays healthy and looks good.


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NC Landscape Contractors License #CL-0596
NC Irrigation Contractors License #C-369
NC Pesticide Applicators License #026-18484
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